Selling Cleaning Services in a Digital Age

It wasn’t very long ago that selling cleaning services meant doing one of three things: knocking on physical doors, making phone calls, or mailing brochures. During my early days in the business, I spent several thousand dollars on brochures, purchased a prospective customer list, and went to work. While some things have stayed the same, much has changed, including how customers buy products and services. Consumers are wary of aggressive marketing tactics, slick ads, and high-pressure sales. We are busy and we don’t trust you. 

Janitorial contractors who wish to succeed on this new terrain need a fresh mindset and a few additional tools in their toolbox. Contrary to the naysayers, many of the old selling methods still work. Phone calls are necessary. In-person meetings are still valuable. However, some changes need to be made. Let me offer two mindset changes and two tactical changes you should implement today.

Mindset Change #1 – Establish Trust

Now more than ever, American consumers are distrustful. They want to trust – and they want to buy – but trust must be earned. So instead of beating down their door to tell them all the wonderful things about your business, start finding a way to increase trust. Respect their time. Listen to their needs. Resist the urge to vomit your credentials on them. Be persistent, but quietly and humbly persistent. Customers will never buy until they begin to trust.

Mindset Change #2 – Add Value

In the eyes of many prospects, cleaning services are a commodity. We are all the same, one not much better than another. If this is how you are viewed, your phone calls and emails are not readily received. However, if you have some knowledge or content valuable to a prospect, you instantly break free from the commodity trap. Look for ways to help end serve the prospect outside of the standard service you offer. What could you offer that would help your prospects be better at their jobs?

Tactical Change #1 – Minimize Time to Engage w/ Your Content

The attention span of most online viewers is very small. People are busy and only want to engage when something is interesting or they need it. So make your content brief and to the point. Offer value, make your point, and move on. Let the prospect know you are there, but don’t attempt to hit a home run on the first engagement. 

Tactical Change #2 – Use Graphic and Video Content More Frequently

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. Why tell a prospect how great your hiring process is (taking 500 words to do so), when you could instead illustrate it with a graphic? For better or worse, we live in a culture that values images and videos over words. To connect with that audience, we must meet them on their terms. 

If you need help creating marketing graphics to communicate your message, we can help. We are like Fiverr for the janitorial industry. Below are a few samples of what graphic content might look like. Send us an email at if you want help in creating custom material for your janitorial company.





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