Personalized 1-1 Coaching

To Help You Grow Your Cleaning Company

1-1 Consulting

Sometimes, you get stuck in your cleaning business. Maybe there is an operational hurdle you just can’t cross, or perhaps you are stuck at a revenue plateau and you can’t take the company to the next level. Whatever the current situation, our experienced team is ready to step in and help. Our one-on-one consulting services are personalized sessions to address the unique needs of your janitorial company, offering personalized guidance, industry insights, and actionable strategies to help your business thrive. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, sell your company, or expand your market reach, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Overcome Hurdles

Having a hard time finding direction? Elite BSC 1-1 Consulting can helping you overcome hurdles and help point you in the right direction.


Once we isolate the specific pain points your cleaning company has, we can then provide strategies to help your company thrive internally and financially.

Your Coaches

Jeff Carmon

VP Sales & Operations, Frantz Building Services

Jeff has been leading sales and operations efforts for most of his career. For the last 8 years he has been in VP Sales and Operations roles at Frantz Building Services. Jeff’s sales and marketing efforts have added nearly $10M in new revenue since he began with the organization. In addition to sales, Jeff has overseen Frantz’s day-to-day operations and is thoroughly aware of the ins and outs of the industry. Jeff specializes in helping clients with the following: 

  • Prospecting, marketing, sales, proposals
  • Bidding and estimating jobs
  • Operational systems and processes
  • Financial review, P&L audits, and cash flow
  • Strategic planning
  • Service model development 

In addition single 1-1 sessions, Jeff also offers a COO-on-the-Go program for a limited number of clients. Jeff will personally oversee six clients throughout the year, providing a comprehensive monthly video call. During these sessions, Jeff will delve into a thorough review of financial performance, assess business development activities, evaluate customer service and satisfaction metrics, address employee matters, and tackle other pertinent topics. Prior to each session, Jeff will request specific information, meticulously analyze and organize it, and craft a tailored agenda. These sessions are designed to keep your team aligned with goals, make necessary adjustments to plans, and enhance your peace of mind by offering an additional perspective on your business. Elevate your business strategy with Jeff’s expertise in your corner.

Jordan Tong

Owner, Elite BSC & CEO, Frantz Building Services

Jordan joined the family janitorial business in 2007. At that time, the company was doing about $1.5M in annual sales, operating in one smaller city of nearly 100k in population. Jordan set out to build a team, grow the organization, and open new branch locations. Frantz Building Services has grown into multiple states, opened numerous branch offices, established a fantastic leadership team, and will hit nearly $20M in revenue in the coming year. Jordan specializes in helping clients with the following:

  • Establishing a company vision, mission, and values
  • Owner and key leader compensation
  • Family business complexities
  • Purchasing a cleaning company for growth
  • Preparing your company for sale

With 30 years of industry experience and $20M in growth, our coaches provide structured guidance, proven processes, and meaningful encouragement. Paired with Elite’s unique member forum, 150+ hours of customized training, and industry targeted resources, we equip our tribe with the tools to sharpen their focus and implement the strategies that lead to long-term success.