What is Elite BSC?

At Elite BSC, we strive to create an arena for like-minded peers in the janitorial industry to learn, collaborate, and grow. With targeted training and the power of community, our goal is to help you find freedom and success in your business.

What's included?

By joining the group, you gain instant access to the following:

Interactive Forum

The forum (we call it Basecamp) is an exclusive online platform that connects you with other like-minded owners in the industry. In this restricted access area, get answers to all your questions, from recruiting and administrative issues to marketing and customer interaction.

Weekly Coaching

As the owner of your janitorial company, you have four areas that need development: operations, sales, HR, & finance. Each week, members will receive a training video and supplementary content to help improve their effectiveness in each of the four categories.

Training Videos & Webinars

Since the inception of Elite BSC, we have recorded countless hours of training content. As a group member, you will gain instant access to the nearly 150 hours of video housed in our content library. Periodically, we will host live Q&A webinars to answer your questions.

Insider Information

We are not just a BSC consulting group. What makes us different is that Jordan owns and runs a large janitorial company. Being a member of the mastermind group gives you an inside look into how we run our business. We share financial reports, sales proposals, job description, and more.


You will reach critical points in your business where you need specialized insight. Our team of experts can give clarity, encouragement, and targeted initiatives to push through difficult times or lean into a new phase of growth. Only members of the mastermind group have access to this 1-1 consulting.

Systems, Processes, & Templates

Over the last 15 years, we have created numerous documents that outline various systems and processes in our BSC. Members of this group have access to all of that content. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can use our templates as a starting point for creating your own.

What Clients Say

"The Elite group, while I was unsure if I needed at first thought, has also been a major asset as well. It allows me to have questions answered by multiple professionals in our field to give you that sense of reassurance and make a calculated decision based on their feedback. There has also been numerous questions that others have posted that I too have had the same question about in the back of my mind."
Brent Shears
Crown Facility Solutions
"In two short months, we’ve been able to sharpen our focus and refine our plans for moving forward based on the formal presentations and message board interactions with fellow members. Terrific value! Highly recommend!"
Eric Dengler
Let It Shine
"I have been part of Jordan’s mastermind group since it was started and the group has been wonderful. It is comprised of professionals from all over the country and everyone seems to add to its value. I am typically not a group type person, but have seen the benefits of being part of a larger group. Jordan has provided the group with a ton of valuable coaching on a variety of topics. His insight always seems to be right on point."
Jason Chipps
Top Notch Service Group
"If you are the owner of a janitorial service company, you should be a part of this group. It is very encouraging and you can get a lot of ideas and content from it. I assure you!"
Lilian Radke
UnicPro Inc.

Who is it for?

Elite BSC is designed for janitorial business owners with a few general characteristics: 

  • More than 20 employees
  • More than $400,000 in Revenue
  • Less than $20,000,000 in Revenue
  • Been in Business for at Least 2 Years
  • A Strong Desire to Learn
  • The Need to Connect with Industry Leaders
  • A Commitment to Engage & Apply What You Learn
  • A Desire to Grow & Scale Your Company

Ready to join?

Elite BSC was born of a desire to share with others what helped our company grow from $1.5 million to $20 million over the past 15 years. Since that time, our 150+ members continue to add valuable contributions and strengthen this mission. Join now and experience what it feels like to break through in your business.