How To Make Prospective Customers Hear You: Breaking Free from the ‘Me, Me, Me’ Trap

As the owner of a commercial cleaning company, it’s essential to differentiate your business in a crowded market. Many building services contractors (BSCs) fall into the trap of focusing solely on themselves and their products. This approach can be likened to Toby Keith’s song “I Wanna Talk About Me,” which emphasizes “me” rather than the customer. Your messaging should focus on what customers value most to resonate with your audience. Here’s how to craft compelling messaging highlighting your company’s uniqueness and demonstrating how to solve your customers’ problems.

Understanding What Customers Truly Value

Before diving into your unique selling points, it’s crucial to understand what your customers genuinely care about. In the realm of commercial cleaning, customers are primarily interested in:

  • Peace of Mind – Customers want to know that their cleaning needs are handled efficiently and reliably without requiring constant attention.
  • Reputational Assurance – A clean and well-maintained facility reflects positively on their business, enhancing their reputation among coworkers and management.
  • Reduced Distractions – People are busy – they don’t have time to be bothered with empty soap or toilet paper dispensers. They want their cleaning company to take care of these things so they can remain focused on their job.

Highlighting Your Unique Selling Points

To stand out, your messaging should clearly communicate how your unique attributes align with these customer values. Here are some steps to achieve that:

  • Identify and Articulate Your Uniqueness – Reflect on what makes your company different. Do you offer 24/7 customer support? Do you have specialized training for your staff?
  • Frame Your Attributes in the Customer’s Context – Instead of saying, “We offer 24/7 customer support,” frame it as ” Enjoy peace of mind janitorial service – leave your building each night knowing our team will do their job.”
  • Solve Customer Problems – Explain how your unique features address specific customer problems. For example, “Don’t be embarrassed again because the cleaners forgot to clean the patient lobby. Our “hotspot” inspection process ensures these areas are checked…and checked again.”
  • Add Value to the Customer – Show how your services add value. “By maintaining a spotless facility, we help you create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients and a productive work environment for your team, allowing you to focus on what you do best.”


Avoiding the “I Wanna Talk About Me” Trap

It’s easy to fall into the habit of talking about your company and its achievements. However, always pivot the conversation back to the customer’s needs and how you can fulfill them. Here’s how to keep the focus on the customer:

  • Use Customer-Focused Language – Shift from “We offer” to “You benefit from.” For example, “You will benefit from our flexible scheduling options, ensuring your operations are never disrupted.”
  • Incorporate Testimonials and Case Studies – Let your satisfied customers do the talking. Share stories and testimonials that highlight how your services have delivered value.
  • Engage with Empathy – Show that you understand their challenges. “We know that maintaining a clean facility can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why our team is here to help you never have to worry about it.”

Creating messaging that focuses on solving your customers’ problems and adding value highlights your company’s uniqueness and builds a strong, customer-focused brand. This approach will set you apart from competitors who focus solely on their own attributes, making your business the go-to choice for clients seeking reliable and impactful cleaning services.


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