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We are all sick of hearing about the Coronavirus. At the same time, we are worried about the effects it could have on our family, friends, and business. I want this thing to be over…and fast! But the reality is that COVID-19 and all its implications are likely with us for at least another four to six weeks. A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a webinar outlining six specific, practical steps to help navigate the current crisis. Here are a few additional resources to help you remain positive, profitable, and sustainable during this time.


The Elite BSC Mastermind Group

I can’t stress enough how our Janitorial Mastermind Group has been critical for so many of the members. This week alone, I’ve had numerous members tell me how the power of the group has saved their business. Our members are sharing information, forming buying pools to get masks, and helping each other step through the current landmines to remain viable. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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Coronavirus Webinar for BSCs – 6 Key Issues

Helpful Links

Guidance & Debt Vehicles – by the US Small Business Administration

Coronavirus Response Act – by the Education & Labor Committee

Lessons from Chinese Businesses – by Harvard Business Review

Implications for Companies – McKinsey & Company

CARES ACTS – New bill passed by congress


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