Tequila, Whales, and Cleaning – A Recap of the BSCAI CEO Seminar

The BSCAI CEO seminar was long on fun, learning, and networking, but short on sleep. Nonetheless, Todd Hopkins, Chris Mundschenk, and all the folks at BSCAI put together a truly stellar event in Los Cabos, Mexico. While this was my first CEO seminar, it certainly won’t be my last. Below are some of the takeaways from the seminar and reasons you should get involved with the BSCAI and attend their events.


Educational Sessions

While the BSCAI annual convention provides educational opportunities, there is something uniquely beneficial about sessions aimed at BSC owners and executives. Top leaders face a completely different set of challenges than the rest of the individuals in the organization; therefore, they require different education. Two sessions stand out as particularly impactful.

Todd Hopkins, founder of Office Pride, led a session on living a stress-less life, both at home and in business. The session was a sneak peak into his new book, “The Stress Less Business Owner.” I greatly appreciated Todd’s approach of weaving moral truth with practical reality. Todd is a great gift to the BSCAI and he is quickly becoming a friend and someone I greatly respect.

On Friday morning, Mark Herbick led a session on 2017 M&A activity in the BSC industry. Herbick, founder of Pursant, is an M&A consultant specializing in the BSC field. I recently attended an M&A event at KPMG in New York City, and I can honestly say that I have as much confidence in Herbick as I do any of the big accounting firms. He is an incredible resource for BSCs.

**If you would like copies of the session slide, please email me: jtong@frantzbuilding.com **


Networking – Roundtables, Receptions, and Red Wine

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this seminar was cultivating relationships with peers, and nothing does this quite like fantastic food, drinks, and a beautiful setting. Sharing a beer with one of my biggest competitors solidifies my view that capitalism is not about crushing competitors but two companies both working hard to provide the best service for the best price. We don’t want each other to fail; rather, we just both want to win. Additionally, we both have much to learn from each other. Networking is truly a precursor to success, and this event made that possible for THREE STRAIGHT DAYS!


Amazing Location – Fun Activities

Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the incredible fishing and scenery in Los Cabos. Located on the southern tip of Baha California, Cabos sports beaches, mountains, and deep pacific waters known for migrating marlin, whales, and other species. We booked a short fishing trip that, thanks to an entire package of Dramamine, turned out to be nothing short of memorable. Over that course of 8 hours, we hooked up on four marlin, dragged two in the boat, caught one Mahi Mahi, spotted several humpback whales, and got to hand feed and pet a sea lion from the boat.

A huge thanks to the BSCAI for such a wonderful event. If you are not already connected, let me encourage you to get plugged in ASAP!


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