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Ok, time to pull back the curtain a little and give you a snapshot into how we deliver our sales proposals at Frantz Building Services. At our company, the sales process is very long, sometimes years. The process starts with identifying the customer DNA we want, then finding prospects who match that DNA. Next we begin gathering relevant data, finding the decision maker, and beginning our outbound marketing program. This consists of cold calls, emails, and direct marketing pieces, all aimed at adding value to the prospect and building trust. This entire process culminates in delivering a proposal. Some people just deliver a price sheet and cover letter, while others hand the prospect a book filled with every possible piece of information conceivable. We opt for a middle of the road approach.

Throughout the sales process, we are trying to communicate that our company delivers peace of mind by providing consistency and dependability. Therefore, our proposals are designed to show the key things we do at our company that deliver those outcomes the customer wants: peace of mind, consistency, & dependability.

The proposal is not to brag about your company – the customer doesn’t care about you and how great you think you are. The customer cares about outcomes and deliverables. They want to know how you will make their life easier, remove headaches, and give them peace of mind.

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