Janitorial Prospecting Resource Bundle

Below are the links to videos we have created over the years describing various aspecting of the prospecting process.

Ideal Client Profile

The first step in prospecting is defining your ideal client profile. What types ofcompanies do you want to do business with? What do they look like? Where are they? Here are two videos describing that process:

Where to Find Leads

After you have identified the type of company to go after and where they are located, the next step is finding them. But where do you go to find a list of companies that fit your profile? While list-building sites do exist, they aren’t magic, and you still have to put in much work. Here are some videos to help you with that process:

Need more help, resources, and support?

If you need more help with your sales and marketing efforts, if you want more resources like these, or if you simply need support in building your janitorial company, we are here to help. Our Elite BSC Mastermind Group is designed to help industry owners and key leaders like you. Click the link below to learn a little more about the group.