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Every month, our Elite BSC Mastermind Group hosts a webinar for the group members. In the previous two blogs, I wrote on two of the issues we discussed in our most recent webinar: cleaner raises and sales compensation plan. I now want to give you the opportunity to watch the webinar in its entirety. As business owners in the janitorial industry, it is critical that we are always learning and growing. Our industry is one that usually lags behind the technology/development curve of the broader business community. We can change that trend by continuing our personal and company development.

Here is a list of the questions answered in this Q&A webinar:

  • What experience and qualifications are you looking for in a sales rep?
  • What are the key components of a sales incentive program?
  • What should business owner compensation look like? How should this change as the company grows?
  • What are the pitfalls and upsides of implementing a profit sharing program?
  • Do you increase the cleaner’s pay annually even when the price is fixed?
  • How do you keep HR engaged and motivated during the high unemployment climate?
  • What are your thoughts on government contracts? How can we land them? Are they good?
  • What are some good rules of thumb for different parts of the P&L (supplies, labor, overhead, etc.)?
  • How do you staff accounts that are 7 days per week?
  • What is your opinion on EPLI? Is it necessary?

Here is a link to the webinar:



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