Building a $2,000,000 Cleaning Business – 10 Essential Ingredients


Over the last five years, I have coached or worked with nearly 150 janitorial companies across
the country ranging in annual revenues from $200k to $15M. During this time, there is one
question that constantly resurfaces in my mind. “Why do some companies get stuck between
the $500k and $1M annual revenue mark and other seems to zoom right past it?” I watched
some companies remain at a 6-figure revenue for years, while others increase by nearly $1M
per year. What is the difference?

In a webinar I recently hosted, this was the question I set out to answer. What qualities or
ingredients make success possible in the janitorial industry? What personal or business
attributes are needed for a cleaning company to hit $2M in revenue and beyond?

The webinar below, presented to our Elite BSC Mastermind group, examines 10 key traits to
help you get to $2M. If you find this webinar helpful and want more content like it, check out
our Elite BSC Mastermind Group.


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