7 Ways To Increase Cleaner Applications

When it comes to hiring cleaners, quantity of applicants is key! In an industry that sadly boasts an employee turnover rate of greater than 100%, you constantly need applicants…and LOTS OF THEM. And this is not just a need you have a few times a year, but rather something staring you in the face each and every day. And if you are not proactive in your approach, your operation will suffer. Any person who has been in the cleaning business for any length of time can attest to this fact. So let me give you what I consider some of the best ways to fill your candidate pipeline. Some are free, some are paid, but to get the best results, you MUST use a combination of these approaches.



Using a referral bonus can be a great way to attract the right kinds of applicants. It may not bring you great quantities of prospects, but the quality will be high. Consider a referral bonus given to existing employees as part of your recruiting arsenal. The key to success here is being consistent, advertising it well within your company, and finding a way to track it.

Facebook Advertising

I must admit, Facebook is my favorite way to find potential team members. With over 2/3 of the US population on Facebook during a given day, you can’t afford not to use this venue. Our experience has shown that you can get applicants to arrive on your application page for as little as $0.25/click. That far exceeds the results of any other form of advertising. Additionally, you can join free local groups and post your jobs for free. If you want learn more about recruiting cleaners on Facebook, check out this course. There is even a FREE video to watch.




I can say enough about the power of using an applicant recruiting/tracking system. My company began using Kwantek about two years ago and the results have been great! Not only has the quality of applicants increased, but so has the quantity. To learn more about Kwantek, click here.


While there are many online job boards to choose from, INDEED is probably the best for the cleaning industry. There are both free and paid options to choose from. I know of one contractor who is using paid advertising on INDEED and getting between 20-25 applications per job posting. Now those are some great results!!!


Craigslist is another online hub frequented by the types of people who may make great cleaning team members. In some cities you can post job ads for free and in other areas it may cost a small fee. Either way, Craigslist should be in your arsenal.

Yard Signs

Who says politics and the cleaning industry don’t mix? Yard signs can be a great supplementary way to increase your applicant pool in some of those hard to reach areas and small towns. For a few hundred dollars, you can get some great signs made which can be distributed to managers in those hard-to-hire areas. If you stay consistent with the approach, it can bring in a steady stream of applicants.

Organizations (VA, AARP, etc.)

The final tool you need in your recruiting tool belt is solid relationships with certain organizations. Places like the VA and AARP are frequently looking to find jobs their members can fill. If you stay in touch and keep their member’s best interest in mind, you can find a steady stream of workers.

Don’t hang your hat on any one method of recruiting. Rather, use several methods and watch your applicant pool increase over time.


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