3 Steps To Avoid A $7,000 OSHA Penalty

Did you know that safety violations can cost your company TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars? Failure to train employees to properly work with hazardous material, failure to label bottles correctly, and failure to provide proper PPE can all incur fines of $7,000 or greater. When dealing with OSHA, you don’t want to mess around. And just because you are in the cleaning industry doesn’t mean you are free from risks. It is up to you to have a proper safety program in place to keep your workers safe and limit company liability. Here are 3 steps you should take to keep your company compliant.


Know your risks

Our tendency in the janitorial industry is to assume our risks are minimal. And compared to other industries, that may be the case. However, the BSC industry does come with certain risks. The first step towards legal compliance is understand what risks your workers face and being committed to mitigating those risks through a proper safety training program. Here are a few of the risks your team may face on a daily basis:

  • Contact with bodily fluids which may contain bloodborne pathogens
  • Potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals
  • Electrical hazards
  • Lifting hazards

CleanSAFE Janitorial Safety Program


Have a safety program in place

YOU MUST HAVE A SAFETY TRAINING PROGRAM IN PLACE! Let me repeat…you must have a safety training program in place. While you can’t train every worker on ever possible safety risk, you can provide your team with practical training to help limit the biggest risks you face. So don’t be overwhelmed. If you don’t have anything in place (or nothing effective), you just need to start with a simple program, such as the one referenced in this article.


Ensure everyone is trained

Many of us are guilty of creating a safety training program but never implementing it. We have something nice on paper, but the workers in the field are rarely trained. Whatever your safety training program, make sure EVERYONE is being trained. This is why I recommend keeping the program simple, practical, and easy to implement.


A Simple Solution

We struggled at our company to find a safety program that was simple, practical, and NOT BORING. Nothing existed to fit our needs. Therefore, we created our own! We want to offer that program to you and your team. It is fun, engaging, interactive, practical, and web-based. I know I’m biased, but it is by far the best product on the market. Check out some of the free preview material and I’m sure you’ll agree.

CleanSAFE Janitorial Safety Program – Click HERE


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